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We’ve been there.

Every member of Prompt Care’s founding team has been through the aged care process with their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. We know what it’s like. That’s why we started Prompt Care.

Home Care Packages

Have you been assessed for a Home Care Package? We would love to help provide care and services!

Our packages are different:

Our packages include specialist care for:

  • People with dementia
  • People with complex high care needs
  • People who identify as LGBTI
  • Veterans and war widows
  • Call us on 1800 472 273 or email us at for more information or to arrange for one of our care professionals to visit you at home to talk about what you need. See below to read more about the types of care included in our care packages.

    What is a Home Care Package?

    A Home Care Package provides a government-funded coordinated package of services tailored to meet your specific care needs to help you stay in your own home as you get older. Read more about it on our FAQ page or on the Australia Government’s My Aged Care website.

    I am already getting a Home Care Package - can I ask for Prompt Care’s services?

    If you, or your relative, are already receiving a Home Care Package, you may wish to talk to your provider about including Prompt Care’s services in your package of care, or simply moving to Prompt Care as your package provider. Please talk to us if you would like to know more. Remember, it is your choice to decide what services are included in your care package and who provides your care at home.

    Can I bring my Mum or Dad home from Residential Care?

    We may be able to arrange a Home Care Package instead. Call us on 1800 472 273 to talk about how we can help.

    Read our answers to more Frequently Asked Questions

    Home Care Package Service Fees

    Prompt Care believes in transparent fees that are all inclusive of case management, care coordination and care delivery.

    See our Home Care Package Schedule of Fees covering all areas where we currently offer our services.

    Free Information & Confidential Advice

    At Prompt Care, we are committed to providing professional support and confidential information to help older people get the services they need to remain at home. We have a special commitment to assisting people who may be missing out on care at home. Many older people and their families struggle on at home without any assistance because they are unaware of what government funded services they are entitled to. Our Resource Centres are free and available to the whole community. They operate in friendly shopfront premises, providing brochures and information about a wide range services and local supports. You can ask us anything about aged care at home – if we don’t know the answer, we will help you find out!

    We can show you how care at home offers a real alternative to residential aged care. Our Resource Centres encourage people to contact My Aged Care, the main “gateway” to care and services funded by the Commonwealth Government.

    We provide “face to face” support to help older people and their carers get access to the services they need.

    Give us a call on 1800 472 273 or drop us an email at We will come to you – with no charges and no obligation you can talk confidentially to one of our community Nurses about what you need now and what you might need in the future.

    Free Home Visit Assessments – Personalised professional advice

    This is a good way to start. One of our Nurses or Allied Health professionals (our Care Leaders) make a home visit and check out what assistance may be needed. They may recommend services and suggest ways to keep you as healthy as possible. Our Care Leader will make referrals depending on what you decide. You will have time to think about what you want. You may be entitled to some government-funded care that you don’t know about; they put you in touch with the right people. Our first visit is entirely free and without any obligation. Our aim is to assist you to make your own choices and stay safe and well at home. Helping your family carers is a big part of this; our Care Leader will look for ways to assist them as well.

    Nursing and Palliative Care at Home

    Our Nurses assist with health assessments working closely with your GP. They can help out with your medications and other health treatments to make sure everything is in order. They may also work with your pharmacist to get your tablets on the right track. Nurses can help with diabetes management, continence issues and follow up care after you have been in hospital. Working with your GP, they may help with referrals to medical specialist and other health professionals such as dieticians, podiatrists and social workers.

    Personal Care at Home

    Our Care Partners are qualified home carers who work in a team with regular support and further education from our health professionals. Many of them have had extra training in dementia care. They can help with showering, toileting and taking medications. They can also assist with exercises and other care treatments as needed.

    Home Respite Care – Giving Family Carers a Short Break

    Our staff can stay with you at home while your family carer has a break – maybe to attend a meeting or enjoy their favourite sports or pastimes. This may be for a few hours, for the day or even overnight if needed. During this time we provide whatever care is needed and assist with meals and other activities about the house. This should be an enjoyable experience for you and our staff will talk with you about what you like doing – listening to music, reading, playing cards watching movies etc. They may also accompany you on outings and assist you to attend local events or activities while your family carer has a rest at home. Where you go and what you do is up to you. It may be going out for a coffee or calling round to see a friend.

    Help about the House

    We can arrange for professional house cleaning services either regularly or for once off “spring cleans”. We can also help you find reputable handymen and other tradespeople to undertake minor repairs. Little things like smoke alarms and changing light bulbs are important. Other jobs like installing rails and ramps can also be arranged.

    Our Care Partners (Support/Care Workers) can also help with regular chores about the house such as vacuuming, cleaning and meal preparation. They may work along side you to do the washing and dusting etc if you still want to keep your hand in with doing as much for yourself as you can. If you need help with mowing and gardening and outside jobs like cleaning the gutters etc, we can help to arrange a reputable service to do this for you. If you need rubbish or furniture removed we can also help you find the right people.

    Help with Shopping and Getting Out

    Our Care Partners (Support/Care Workers) can also accompany you with shopping or assist you to attend medical appointments. They may also accompany you on outings and local events or activities. Where you go and what you do is up to you. You may belong to a club or community group and need help to keep these memberships going. If you need someone to travel with you and pick you up, this can also be arranged. If you need someone to stay with you in case you need help to move about or get to the toilet, our care staff can assist.

    Social Support - Home Visits and Outings

    You may enjoy spending time with a home visitor who speaks your language and is aware of your cultural needs and other interests. We can arrange one off visits or regular social calls. You may like to read together, listen to the radio, chat about old times or look at photo albums. You may also enjoy playing cards or a board game or pottering in the garden. Special types of social support can be arranged for people living with dementia. All types of care and support are tailored to personal needs or the particular stage or type of dementia. Every person is different; our services are flexible according to what is best suited to each person.

    Home Visiting and Care Monitoring – Peace of Mind for Families

    These services are provided according to individual needs with trained and supported Care Partners (Care Workers) available to ‘pop in’ to see your relative on a regular basis to provide social contact and regular updates about how they are getting along at home. Our home visitors will be:

    Home visits may be arranged on a weekly basis or more often if required. This service can be very useful if you are living at a distance from your relative or even interstate. Friends, volunteers or other family members living closer by can also make a quick report whenever they visit using either your relative’s home phone (by ringing a free call 1800 number) or using a free App on their own mobile phone with very minimal costs on their phone plan. Our fees for this service are very reasonable, depending on location and frequency of visits.

    Care Prompting

    Often, older people are able to do all sorts of things for themselves at home. However, they may lack confidence and need encouragement to continue with daily chores and remember to take good care of themselves. They may need a reminder to take their medication. Our qualified Care Partners (Support/Care Workers) can assist so long as a Nurse, a pharmacist or the GP has arranged for the medication to be available in the home in a Dosette box or blister pack. Your relative may also find it helpful for one of our team to provide friendly reminders about when to have a shower and change their clothes. Care prompting can be arranged according to what works best for your relative and what will help you most to feel confident that all is going well. As with our usual care monitoring visits, our staff let you know how your family member is getting along. If there are any issues coming up, they will let you know right away and involve you in decisions about how different concerns can be addressed.

    Consumer Directed Care (CDC)

    Consumer (or self) Directed Care (CDC) gives older people a greater say and more control over types of the care provided to them. These packages are called Home Care Packages for older people assessed as needing ongoing complex care at home. CDC allows older people and their carers to make choices about the types of services they use and how the care and other supports are provided, including who will deliver the services and when. Further information about CDC can be found here

    Consumer Directed Respite Care (CDRC) allows carers to take a break from their caring role and gives them more control over the design and delivery of respite services provided to them and the person they care for. This allows family carers to make choices about the types of respite services they use and who will deliver those services. Further information about CDRC can be found here

    Brokerage & Telehealth Services

    All our services are available on a brokerage or subcontracted basis to other providers. Prompt Care works with some of the best known home care providers in Australia. We are keen to develop more brokerage contracts with other home care agencies. To set up a Service Agreement (fully compliant with the Home Care Packages Programme Operational Manual and the Quality of Care Principles of the Aged Care Act, 1997) email

    Our Telehealth Service is also available on a contract basis with very cost-effective rates. For a demonstration and quote for tele-home care monitoring, email or visit

    Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

    Prompt Care delivers the following Commonwealth Home Support Programme services.

    Personal Care and Domestic Assistance

    Personal care services provide assistance with activities like having a shower, getting dressed and staying healthy at home.

    Domestic assistance may include dishwashing, house cleaning, clothes washing and ironing.

    Our services are provided in your own home to keep you as independent as possible.

    What Home Nursing provides

    Home nursing is clinical care provided by qualified and professional Registered or Enrolled Nurses in your home. It may include help with your medication and care treatments, regular wound care and dressing changes and everyday care when you first return from hospital.

    About Respite Care

    Respite care is a form of support for an older person and their carer. It provides carers the opportunity to attend everyday activities or simply have a break from the demands of their caring role, while ensuring the person they care for is supported.

    Our flexible respite services offer support at home, as an outing, or as a mix of both. Respite care is usually organised in advance - this helps you to take a regular break.

    How is it funded?

    You will be asked to pay a small fee towards your services depending on you financial situation. This will be in accordance with Government requirements.

    Prompt Care believes in transparent fees that are all inclusive of case management, care coordination and care delivery.

    See our CHSP Schedule of Fees covering all areas where we currently offer our services.