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Prompt Care in your home

Prompt Care Mission

  • Provide free and useful information that will keep older people living at home
  • Achieve positive health and community outcomes through good value care services
  • Assist diverse communities and rural areas to get the home care services they need
  • Invent innovative services and ICT systems that keep older people well at home

At Prompt Care, we believe every Australian has the right to live and grow older within their local community. However, many older Australians who are living at home and require nursing or dementia care are left without any alternative but to move into a residential care facility, when their preference is to remain in their own home. Prompt Care offers a real alternative.

Prompt Care was established in 2012 to improve support for older people and their families in communities where home care is sometimes hard to get. We have a wide range of professional backgrounds and have been actively involved in keeping people well at home for many years. Our services are based on what consumers truly want as well as what they really need. We have developed an innovative approach to the delivery of home care, with real time e-reports from the client’s home at every care visit.


Prompt Care Vision

  • To make a real difference to care networks across Australia with creative service provision
  • To conduct regular research and consultations to address the unique requirements of diverse communities right around Australia.

Our Home Care Packages in Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia

We specialise in complex care at home, including overnight care and weekend care. Even palliative care at home is available. Our approach integrates all care and support services, with a hand picked team looking after you or your family member. This enables true relationships and trust to be built and maintains the health of the older person. It also reduces social isolation by linking people with their local community.

Our services are delivered by self managing, cluster care teams that include nurses, other health professionals (Care Leaders) and care support workers (Care Partners) who provide care in a ‘neighbourhood’ or local area. This helps our care teams to build strong relationships with the people they care for and provide personalised, customised care which supports the older person as well as their family carers. We use an innovative care monitoring service to check on all major areas of our clients’ wellbeing - nutrition, mobility, and medication. This means we can provide prompt changes to your care and keep family carers up to date.