Committed to building a local community response

Prompt Care understands that in days gone by older people were supported to remain in the communities they loved by the communities themselves. We see a part of our role as encouraging and empowering local people to make a local response. We are committed to reinvigorating the community spirit that genuinely cares for the people that are part of ‘the neighbourhood’. Our people actively look for opportunities to introduce the local community to ways that they can care whether that’s the local hairdresser, news agency, butcher or greengrocer, supermarket or café.

Committed to maintaining local connections

Prompt Care’s staff will help you to stay in touch with your friends and keep up your membership of the clubs and groups you belong to. They may also help you to get in touch with other supports and make use of your community facilities and activities.

Our Care Leaders work with local councils and communities to come on board with age friendly programs and dementia friendly communities. Our staff will assist older people to maintain their preferred community and civic roles. You may also want to keep mentally active and continue to learn new things and meet new people. We will help you to keep going to community meetings and attend sporting events depending on what suits you and what you enjoy doing.

Committed to innovative care solutions

We are a wholly owned Australian business with a network of professional collaborations right across the country. Our aim is to make a real difference to care networks across Australia with creative service provision.

We use The Carers' Phone (telehealth system) as a central part of our home care services - providing proof of delivery, and keeping everyone you need to be fully informed and involved. Since 2010, The Carers’ PhoneTM has provided telehealth services to home care providers in WA, SA, NSW, Tasmania and Victoria across city and country areas. During this time we have monitored the care of nearly 2,000 older people receiving support at home. We have assisted over 100 home care managers in their vital role of monitoring care needs and provided training and support to over 500 care workers.