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Short-Term Restorative Care Programme
Service Type

All prices are ex GST

Normal Hours (7am - 7pm, Mon - Fri)

Health Professional Care

$166 per hour

Home Respite Care

$76 per hour

Minimum 2 hours

Domestic Assistance & Home Help

Including meal preparation & “Tuck In” service

$76 per hour

Minimum 2 hours

Qualified Personal Carers at Home

Showering, dressing, health care support

$76 per hour

Minimum 2 hours

Social Support & Assisted Transport

Shopping assistance, wellness activities at home, ‘tea & chat’ visits

$76 per hour

Minimum 2 hours

$1.65 per km travelled

Care Coordination and Management

14% of total subsidy

Programme Fee

Including Intake, Quality and Compliance and Administration

24% of total subsidy

Last updated Dec 2023

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  • Prompt Care does not charge a client contribution for the STRC programme
  • After normal hours between 7pm to 7am, Mon to Fri incurs a 50% surcharge
  • Saturdays incur a 50% surcharge
  • Sundays and After Hours (7pm to 7am) on weekends incur a 100% surcharge. Public holidays incur a 150% surcharge.
  • Minimum service duration is 2 hours
  • Cancellations: when a service is cancelled with less than 24 hours prior notice, 100% of the shift fee will apply

Visit the My Aged Care Short-Term Restorative Care Programme page here for more information.